Dana Fuchs Band

Do you know where Australia is?

Dana Fuchs Band responded on 04/24/2013

I'm not sure exactly where it is...but I do know a few things about it. :)
Each and every part of Australia is within a distance of 1000km from ocean or a beach.
People of Queensland in Australia are called "Banana Benders", while "Sand Gropers" is the name given to the people from Western Australia.
There are nearly 20,000,000 people in Australia, of which approximately 80% live in cities next to the sea.
The area of Australia that is covered by snow in winter is larger than the area of Switzerland.
70% of the world's wool comes from Australia. They have over 126,000,000 sheep, which use fully half the continent for grazing.
The longest fence in the world is in Australia, and it runs for over 5,530 kms. It's designed to keep dingoes away from the sheep.
QANTAS stands for Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services.

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