Dana Fuchs Band

Hey Dana this is Liam Leary I am a 15 yr old blues guitarist. I have been studying jazz ,blues and many genres of music for over 8 yrs. I am putting together a new band . I was wondering if you had any advice on how i can become a professional musician. Thank you.

Dana Fuchs Band responded on 06/17/2013

Hi Liam! I thought about your question some more and this is what I think. Put together your favorite 20 cover songs with some originals if you have them...if not don't worry they will come the more you cover your greatest influences. Find players as good as you (or better,) put a band together and go to any community center or club that allows minors to play or have parties yourself and be the entertainment. Have regular rehearsals and play in front of people as much as possible. The rest you seem to be doing right! Keep rocking and keep in touch Liam! Go for it!

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