Dana Fuchs Band

You are coming to Notodden, the bggest bluesfestival in Norway, as well as Drøbak, one of the smallest, situated by the fjord just outside Oslo this summer. Would you share a word or two on what your expectations are - and are you going to meet Santa and make a wish? (You know Santa Claus is from Drøbak, proven by the tenthousands of postcards received at the postoffice every year:-) best regards, Tove

Dana Fuchs Band responded on 06/18/2013

Thank you Tove! I have a deep love for Norway as a country and for all the wonderful friends I have made during my many visits there. I try to measure my expectations but I know I will see the people I have grown to love in the beautiful country I have come to love. I know the festivals are different in size and scale but the people are always the same amazing souls no matter what! So I am very much looking forward to that. Oh and I will definitely be looking to sit on Santa's lap in Drøbak and try to convince him that I am a good girl. ;)

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