Dana Fuchs Band

Hi there. I have tickets to see you in Wolverhampton on 7th October, I am really looking forward to it and I am also thinking of going to Leicester on I think 8th Dec, but I was wondering if it will be a full band performance in Leicester at the Musician, as you are only the support act, (can't understand that one) and the price of the tickets are ridiculously cheap!!
You need to get on Later with Jools Holland that will way increase your profile over here, but don't get me started on the endless lookalike mega successful so called R&B, but really pop singers that haven't a fraction of your talent beauty or charisma! Love Geoff.

Dana Fuchs Band responded on 09/02/2013

Thank you SO much Geoff! Your words are music to my ears. Help bring me to Later with Jools if you can!
I am a huge fan and would kill it for him!
Both of my shows in the UK are full band shows! Hope to see you there!
07-10-13 The Robin 2 – Wolverhampton, United Kingdom (Full Band Show) 8pm
08-10-13 The Borderline – London, United Kingdom (Full Band Show) 9pm

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