Dana Fuchs Band

I want to see you next august in the backcorner of the Netherlands.

If its works i want to film you.Al wat i do is non profet,
But it is the best after joplin.this means aj think you are a big fish oaver net peforming.great.in back corner of the netherlands.you wil named superdeerne.ajflop.nl .This is like superwomen here in the corner.wow your realy my teast..good luck superwomen.One of mij wishes is tath i want a picture ore jamming with you.gimme some feedbak,XX.Realy un edmayer.en very good looking..xx

Dana Fuchs Band responded on 09/02/2013

Thanks so much. I'm back in the Netherlands a couple times this month. Maybe I'll see you at a show?

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