Dana Fuchs Band


!!!We Adopted The Tuxedo Kitty 3 Weeks Ago!!!

We actually named her Pookie. She really doesn't look like a Sashimi(even though her big sister is named Sushi)!! Next time I see ya,I'll show you pics of her. She's sooo cute!! She looks like a Pookie~Not sure why....

Sushi kinda despises her thus far.Oh well,she'll have to get over it.Sushi IS Not a Tuxedo cat.

Nola,our OTHER Tux cat has no problem with Pookie 'cause as you know, Tux cats are pretty much carefree n easy goin'!!

Hope you're havin' a fun Summer.

BTW~Love Bliss Ave!!

Your buddy,

Jerry Charm

Dana Fuchs Band responded on 09/02/2013

That is awesome Jerry! Thanks for the update. I'm home enjoying some time with my tux cats right now before heading back to Europe!

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