Dana Fuchs Band

Can't understand why you haven't been on "later" yet it is the ideal showcase and it goes without saying you would blow the room away! Beth Hart was on last year but it was just her at the Piano, which was nice but not very exciting or representative of her live show. She used to be my favourite female singer and does write some great songs, but has slipped to second place since I found you! it is very interesting to listen to and compare different versions of "I would rather go blind" You come out on top as my favourite, but it is a very close thing. I liked Janis Joplin when I was very young, maybe if she had of lived longer it would be easier to see a more complete body of work, but I think she sometimes ended up screeching and you are a better singer, so it annoys me a bit with the endless comparisons, it's a bit like an actor being type cast and you are a lot better than that! Geoff

Dana Fuchs Band responded on 12/01/2013

Thanks Geoff. First off - I absolutely adore Beth Hart and everything she does. She blows my mind. Thanks so much for your kind words and I really appreciate it! I'd love to get on Later with Jools Holland. How do we make that happen? haha!

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