Dana Fuchs Band

Hi Dana. Great job on the new album. I really feel like I can relate to much of what you have to say which adds an awesome extra to your music. Luckily I was able to take a trip and attend your CD release which was amazing! I was wondering what song you find most challenging to perform and why? I am also determined to get you back to the Ottawa Bluesfest so I will continue to pester them :)

Dana Fuchs Band responded on 12/01/2013

Thanks so much Katie! Thanks for making the trip to NYC for my CD release party! Sometimes when I am covering a great singer like Janis, or Otis Redding, or Paul McCartney I find it challenging to discover their language and delivery to get inside what they are doing enough to make it my own...but it is such a privilege to have challenges like that. Otherwise it's always a pleasure to be challenged with staying in shape and getting enough rest to be able to perform my own songs! Oh and by all means keep pestering the Ottawa Bluesfest! :)

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