Dana Fuchs Band

Hi Dana,
here is Andy from Braunschweig, Germany. I want to tell you my impressions after I've seen your show in Berlin at Quasimodo.
I was blown away! Actually, I'm a crazy for years Springsteen fan I have also seen 40 concerts from the Boss. These concerts are always known to be held in big arenas. As much as I love these concerts, I have always missed something. The intensity and intimacy of a concert in a small club.
I am glad to have discovered your music and look forward to many more concerts of you in Germany.
In my opinion your CD Bliss Avenue already has the makings of a classic!

Have already reported a good friend of you. We travel to Hannover in the Bluesgarage.
I like your interpretations of cover songs. So I will clamor for " I'd Rather Go Blind ". You recognize me on Springsteen T-Shirt :-)

I wish you health, for the future a lot of creativity and a lot of nice moments in Europe.

See you on the road and perhaps even in Braunschweig.

Many Greetings

Dana Fuchs Band responded on 12/01/2013

Thank you so much for your great note Andy! I know how much Bruce fans demand a great show and I'm humbled to hear your impressions of my show! Best to you!

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