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Last question I promice!... I am Irish I was born and brought up in belfast. I used to go to school with Gerry McAvoy, Rory Gallagher's bass player, he tried to steal my girlfriend at the time as I recall. Anyway Dana is an Irish name, where does Fuchs come from? It sounds German.

Dana Fuchs Band responded on 12/01/2013

That Gerry is a rapscallion! Dana may well be Irish. Fuchs is definitely German.

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Q. Do you think maybe the cream will always rise to the top?...I hope so! Ok I made that into a question. Good luck with the rest of your world tour, and give the Uk a proper seeing too!.
see you next time tyou are in the UK, Leeds, Sheffield or Manchester would be good!
Wolverhampton was the best gig I have seen in years, and believe me at my age I have seen plenty over the years. Starting at the Isle of White, with Jimi Hendrix, the Who, the Doors, Free, Leonard Cohen, Taste, etc, etc, as only a schoolboy in 1970, Kris Kristofersson was great and Miles Davis too, though they were given a very hard time as I remember, mind you the sound was crap! I have to watch DVD's to see what and who I missed, even though I was there, a lot of the time towards the end I was asleep !Before that i saw Hendrix, the Stones, And Cream all in Belfast,. Also Led Zeeplin but they were not on top form that night, and there was riots going on outside....Oh happy days! g.

Dana Fuchs Band responded on 12/01/2013
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I sorta figured that as Tom Waites wrote "Chocolate Jesus" he must have wrote "Superman" too and I somehow didn't notice... I am kinda proud of you and your song writing skills..if that makes any sence? Especially when people say to me Dana Who?..Like I said before you need to get on "Later" nobody had heard of "Seasick Steve" untill he got on there! gx (btw I loved across the Universe, i thought all the references very clever, and yes you did steal the show. g.

Dana Fuchs Band responded on 12/01/2013
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