Dana Fuchs Band

I've just been watching that Artie Shaw programme online. Great performance and an interesting interview. I'm glad to see you admire Prince I was, and still am I suppose, a huge fan. I also got my bag pinched in a bar in Barcelona, great city though. Anyway to get to my question: Have you got a new rhythm section? I hope not as I really liked your Italian drummer and your bass player was great. In the tradition of a long line of all my favourite bass players, fantastic musicians but unobtrusive and unpretentious. Not trying to be a front man with legs spread apart and mouth wide open like some I could mention. (not mentioning any names but he used to play for Rory Gallagher) Ooops! Geoff

Dana Fuchs Band responded on 09/13/2014

HAHA! Thanks Geoff. I have a US and European rhythm section right now for economy's sake.

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