Dana Fuchs Band

Have Jon released anything outside DFB , and whatelet made him choose a telecaster ? And thanks for both times You played in N├Žstved . Hope to see You again

Dana Fuchs Band responded on 03/06/2012

I've played on a bunch of TV sessions.
I'm playing harmonica on a track by the American band Hem.
I never put out a solo CD.
Over 20 years ago I was in a band in NYC led by a great singer/songwriter named Judd Fuller (he 's now in Nashville touring as a bassist with big country acts).
I played his Tele (now mine) on a recording of Jimmy Cliff's "Many Rivers to Cross". I fell in love with the guitar then. A few years later we were at a rehearsal and he said "I'm sick of playing my Tele, you should have this guitar - you sound good on it". So after that rehearsal we went to a bank machine and I gave him $300 and my red Japanese Strat copy for that telecaster. I took it out on a Joan Osborne gig the next day (I was playing with her at the time) and I knew I had found my guitar - its been my main guitar ever since.
I love tele's because they are simple and direct. They are clear and strong and I think the character of the player comes through on them more than some other guitars. -Jon

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